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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My obsession with bags.

Hot sunny Sunday and I could feel the burning flame under my skin & it’s making me headache but I don’t wish to procrastinate any further for this post and decided to write under such humid environment.  If I choose to delay further, it shall only be done next two weeks from now.

Basically, I’m obsessed with bags & this obsession was partly a legacy brought by someone used to be closed to me & not now. Having this obsession is rather expensive thus I’m dedicating this post to myself with the small collections I have now before these bags are gone with its era or they are no longer my possession.

I have tried diligently not to simply spend & only to give myself some rewards to acquire only one good bag for a year. It’s not too much of this, I supposed. So far, it’s still under control & manageable though might not be so true.

Here are some of what I have right now.

The LV monogram canvas are some of the very first I have in my collection of branded bags. The shoulder bag was acquired few years back when I was in KL for a friend's wedding but I took it as attending wedding cum shopping trip.

Gucci sling bag acquired after going up to Genting for William So & Andy Hui's concert. It's like a MUST to stop by KLCC at that time.

Also acquired from KL. This limited edition from Gucci was a 'project' entrusted to someone with high taste to get it for me.

The Coach tote was also from KLCC. Funny incident occured while this bag was still brand new. A salesperson at Penang Airport thought I was carrying their bag out from its outlet as the same model was displayed in the shop back then. She stopped me to return the bag.

The long Gucci wallet is one of my favourite.

Enough of all things from KL! This Fendi's shoulder bag was from Bangkok when I was joining my colleagues for short trip. I don't usually carry this as the colour is hard to maintain. It gets dirty easily.

Both Celine's & Polo's were from a special trip to Hong Kong & China before myhorng returned for good. I remembered, I was so eager to grab something back but it was a challenge. I couldn't find anything I like anymore from LV, Gucci, Coach, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo & many more. When the choices were so much, it's hard to choose.

Got this Coach from a trip to Taiwan last year. Didn't expect to get anything from that trip but finally signed for this at its airport while waiting for flight home. Thanks to the flight delay.

Some casual colourful LeSportsac I adore.

Recently, I have added one more to my collections but not shown here. A satin fabric white handbag for dinner & just used that last night for a wedding dinner attended.

Moving forward, I wish to acquire one of Jimmy Choo’s 24:7. Perhaps, I should stop at KLCC next week to peep. I might not afford it right now as the budget shall be fully utilized on upcoming home renovation.


  1. wahlau got so many handbags..really hardcore..i must blog on my perfumes also d then..haahaha

  2. one a year? CHEATONE

    I Think there is still one more not displayed here. :)

    nice write up but need to work on the pictures. color damn wrong wei.

  3. Wern, made me feel so paiseh only la.

    Myhorng, you're so right abt your comments above. Must improve. Will seek help from u soon.