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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dong Zuo Kuai Yi Dian 动作快一点

I was brought up in a hokkien speaking family & was never exposed to Mandarin nor Chinese writing. However, having a little boy was a big change to make me speak Mandarin merely because I thought it was sweet & loving to speak to baby that way. I still think so though.

However, with a blink of an eye, my lovely boy has grown & was entering primary one early this month. Sending him to Chinese school was a challenge since I'm unable to guide him in his studies as almost all books are in Chinese except of course language subjects. After all these years of trying to communicate in Mandarin with him (lil piggy as he is normally known in Facebook) with an interval of English, suddenly my commonly used sentence is per subject Dong Zuo Kuai Yi Dian (动作快一点) or literally translated to be 'act faster'.

To me, the sentence sounds harsh, full of authoritative manner & high discipline standard. Calling him in a stern tone reflects an immediate action needed from his end to work things out rather fast in its speed than his normal self of confining to relaxing mode.  I've been trying to be very soft to him , attentive  and to listen but lately, that sentence has been an inseparable part of my motherly role. I don't like it honestly but with just a month of going to school, time was barely enough for me & lil piggy to be together. A normal day together is now shortened than usual & it could be only approximately 1.5 hours or 2 hours of seeing him at home. I've always wanted so much to be different than any normal mom, to be able to listen to him, to be his friend and to tell him how much I love him but again, most of the time, I'd be saying dong zuo kuai yi dian.

I truly wonder is there any better way to move lil piggy to act faster or is there any other similarly powerful sentence specially for boys. I'm also hoping I can find other method in parenting or to make him know the value of time. Difficult to be a mom.


  1. always speak softly to him i dun think is a good idea. a mixture of everything will be better.

  2. Wern, tak boleh lambat sebab masa tak cukup pakai.

    Myhorng, yeah am starting to show him how i could not tolerate his laziness. Tiger mummy starts to roar already.