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Monday, January 4, 2010

Calling this my home soon.

Life starts from home! It is also said home is our natural habitat affecting us physiologically either in behavior, emotions or our overall mental health. However, to me, home is not about the matter of size, not even the matter of price or not even a matter of its type. A home is a place I’d want to live in harmony & joy.

It has always been my dream to have my own apartment & to even stay alone enjoying life after returning from work if I did not get married or have any kid. Reading & sipping a glass of wine at the balcony perhaps to complete the day would be marvelous.

My dream came true a little bit late than what I wanted to. By Sept 2009, a letter from the developer was sent to me, to pass the vacant possession. I was ecstatic after waiting for 4 long years and could not believe I’d be MOVING. Yay…

View from balcony, my favourite.

Moving in was put off temporarily due to some tragic news nearby. Maybe I should say I’m a little bit worried too of what’s happened & I do not want to rush like any of my future neighbors do.

Nevertheless, I should be able to move in with my dearest family by upcoming June. By then, I’m still putting in high hope that this is what I shall call – my heaven!


  1. yeah. let ur renovation trouble ur neighbour rather than the other way round. nice place.

  2. Myhorng, what a brilliant idea. Thanks!