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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Memorable Roaring Year of Tiger.

I’ve been COMPLETELY out of internet access at home for almost 2 weeks & have since been abandoning the blog for a long time. All files are entirely gone & pc is now as clean as new. Coupled with recent Chinese New Year celebration, time has not been allocated for this site at all or I should say I was just plain lazy,  in short.

Some said the year of Tiger might bring about turbulence  than harmony. What is then ahead for me as tiger myself. Some facts I found described  that  I would need to find lots of encouragement within me or might be faced with disappointments instead. Anyway, I’ve never read anything good in written for people who are born in the year of Tiger.

Dreaded to think what would the CNY be after a crisis filled 2009 and did not even know what’s the right etiquette for a new divorcee, I feared the celebration might bring more sadness than happiness. I feared so much that I’ve to release my son for him to go back to his paternal side, leaving me without him during such an enormous celebration shall be devastating. Eventually, I braved myself to go ahead, celebrating like I’ve been a part of the family still. I told myself I’ve to treasure every moment I have with my former in-law family as it might not mean the same every year & there is also possibility of not joining them again in the upcoming years. Thus, I’m treating it like my last celebration with my former in-law family.

Nonetheless, the year started positively & roaring with great excitement, filling up with exquisitely fun-filled private ‘family’ events. Domestic type of gathering with serving of great food, loads of alcohol, lots of money changing hands (as in gambling) and  meeting up nice people were the fun of this year.

One of the highlight during the CNY holiday would be their so-called  2nd generation cousins gathering. I was more than proud to be invited either as guest or as family which I don’t even know but I seriously felt honored to be in there among the youngsters. It was just merely simple dinner & coffee but good sweet moment usually passed faster than ever. If it were not because of Pin Yin, the event would not be this successful. I wanted so much to capture some of the moments in lenses but it might be weird for my position to do so & I believe they might be uncomfortable too. Thus, pics below are ‘stolen’ one. Photo courtesy  from Myhong

Cheers for a better year ahead!
 Got to have cuppa before calling it the nite.

I don’t know what will be ahead of me but moving forward, I still wish to see these beautiful people & perhaps wish I can be a host too for them to gather at my place. Happy Chinese New Year to ALL.