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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome Post & Farewell to 2009

Long overdue & finally came to reality on my very 1st post. Neither do I have a theme nor focus but I’m pushed to start. I might not do it without this force & I may tell myself to continue walking the path. As it’s the end of the year, I shall rewind back the meaningful life touching events I’ve endured in phenomenon 2009.

Two days before Chinese New Year, bombshell was dumped on me. 3rd party existed in making this marriage crowded. Complicated relation has never been my preference & I chose a diplomatic solution. Joining someone I’ve lost faith to a family vacation was again an emotional torture. Stay composed, stay natural were only meant to act like living behind a transparent mask to cover some dirty secret behind.

Following the estranged, many things did not go on right. Every single thing related to him, my used to be other half would strike not to function anymore including mobile phone.

Subsequently, the hurdle was on the messy black & white terms on separation & to announce the marriage dissolved including child custody. I always thought it only happens to popular figures & celebrities but not me. Have not even imagined there will be a file of my name to be read in high court & to present myself there too for the word commitment of ‘saya setuju’. Going into court has always being associated with criminals & who would want to be there anyway.

I thought things were going on a brighter side when I received the letter to hand over the vacant possession of my new condo. Some silly case happened. Dream to move in by CNY 2010 shattered.

My 2009 Status Collage taken from Facebook.

There is yin-yang in everything in the universe. Similarly, I guess in the bad year, I could still find the positive side of it. Having four overseas trips a year on holiday is kinda extreme to me. After all, I’m proud of it & prouder it is as they were all on own pocket money.

If I were given a chance to look back, 2009 will never be at all my favorite. Stepping into 2010, I’m having high anticipation of what the year of tiger shall roar to my advantage.