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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Calling this my home soon II

It’s exactly four weeks since I passed my main door key to the contractor & today he answered my mum that we could get the home in 2 weeks time. I’m having some mixed feeling here & I do not know how to describe it. As written in previous entry, I expect to be moving in by June and there is high chances I could make it next month.

Lots of efforts and energy has been focused into this little paradise recently but most of them were towards sourcing for the right furniture, electrical appliances, equipments etc. This also translates into high expenditure & draining out of saving like opening a water tab to run. Damn!

This morning, we (my mum, YY & I) decided to go on a spot check at the site. Everything looks fine except the dry kitchen table top is too small. YY was excited to see his room painted green on a part of the wall. So many wooden cabinets stuffed in the living room & I’m also surprised to see the TV cabinet is now fixed.  A few men were also working on my room to fix the fibre board on the floor. YY refused to go to the show unit with us nor to go home. He was mesmerized watching how the people work on his mummy’s room. The sad part however is my wardrobe. It’s too small compared to my current one at home. Guess I’d have to throw out lots of my belonging before moving in.

Living room - I like the simple design here

Dry kitchen with very small table top.
Living room in a mess
A curious YY observing how the fibre board is arranged

It’s going to be a busy weekend again I supposed. Will need to go to choose the curtain material again, to pay for the sofa set, buying of various lighting (Headache! Headache!) and some other small little things.

I just can’t wait to move in to my little paradise though it means I have to let go of the convenience I’m enjoying right now staying in such a strategic location if you really know where I live now.


  1. yeah... roti bakar early in the morning? DIY lar. LOL

  2. almost half a year this blog being coma.