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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will he sustain long term interest in the game?

Chess, a board game I never could have imagined originated since 6th century from north-west of India that developed and evolved through centuries to be then represented by pieces we now known as pawn, knight, bishop & rook. I’ve not acquired the skill in chess nor strategy but do know how each of them works and until much recently only did I know the names of those pieces in proper terms. Thanks to my son for his new profound interest and for him to enlighten me the right terms.

A game with him last night proven of how I’ve underestimated his ability with informal lessons he is enduring almost daily subject to availability of his ‘chess master’ or my cousin brother. I’ve seen him arranging the pieces, following blindly instructions on some moves written in chess books and also guidance from my cousin brother. But, throughout the game with me, he has not even opened the book and still able to strategize, maneuvering his pieces to attack & subsequently a checkmate.  I LOST! Perhaps, I am just too bad in the game.  I was again surprised when he could count the point of each piece he won against me.
 Referring to book to arrange the pieces.
Real informal lesson from his chess master
Another informal lesson on weekday.

To children, instilling interest in the game of chess is rather crucial I guess as it involves evaluation of chess positions and setting up goals in their strategizing against their opponents. This is also useful in developing their foresight to look into future, considers consequences of their moves and to be cautious in making quick actions. The above reasons is more than enough for me to want him to go deeper into this board game especially for his brain development and that’s the only time I see him sit still instead of his usual active self of physical activities. It’s such a bliss to me when he is on the game.

All in all, I’ve not discovered how deep his interest in this but would definitely give him whatever support and encouragement needed.


  1. unfortunately, srjk(c) jelutong dont emphasize on chess...they emphasize on olahraga

  2. to me chess is damn boring lar.

  3. start young and with good training, he could be a pro in the future

  4. Jolyn, u sure? As long as he is willing to join any sports I'm more than happy. I'd love him to grow up strong & healthy.

    Myhorng, agree but I dun care. Who knows if he really likes it.

    Wern, I also hope so.